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Guest Services

They Relax in Comfort ...

  • Central Air Conditioning & Heat - Plus, resting benches, soothing music, super clean, disinfected, luxurious bedding... the works!

  • Individual Large, Extra Large and "Rommette" Super Suites - All with their own attached and covered outdoor runs which open into play yards.  We use Pipe Dream Beds, the best in the industry, to pamper your pets with a soft comfortable place to land at the end of an eventful day at our inn.

  • Always There Pet Care - Owners live right on the premises!

  • Free Hand Pampering & "Biscuit Breaks" - We're always looking for a few good pets to spoil!

Eat  Well . . .
  • The Guest Meal Includes - Generous portions of our premium quality dry food, plus our shelves are also stocked with other varieties of moist, semi-moist and "treat" goodies!

  • Custom Feeding Available - With owner provided dietary needs.

  • "Sweet Smells" - This is our own secret recipe for finicky eaters.  It's sure to get their mouths watering!

  • Medication - is dispensed on time and done right.

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Enjoy Lots of Playtime!

  • we have five outdoor "soft" play areas for play groups or individual playtime.  This added exercise provides additional time for ball toss and interactive socialization, and helps create an even more enjoyable experience for our guests. Plus every guest gets two built into their stay daily!

Unique Offerings

We love to pamper your pet and it shows!  2 daily playtimes are included into every guest's stay, but you have the ability to purchase additional playtime as well.  But why stop there, why not treat you furry loved one to some of the extra specialty services that we offer?

Grooming ...

While staying here, it's a great time to freshen up! We also schedule grooming appointments for dogs who aren't staying with us! Frequent care helps promote healthy skin and coat!  WE'VE been offering unparalleled experience since 2005. Rylee specializes in Golden's, but has all breed pet grooming training and experience.  Grooming includes:

  • Complete bathing and brushing services

  • Exclusively "Isle of Dogs" grooming products used

  • Nail trimming, dremeling, ear cleaning and teeth brushing or scaling

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Nature Walks ...

  • Our Nature Walks are  with one of our highly qualified caretakers.  Each walk goes through wooded trails and open pastures.  It's a perfect time for your pet to stretch their legs and enlighten their sense of smell with the new surroundings.

Golf Cart Rides ...

  • Does your dog love to "Go for a Ride?"  All rides are done in the accompaniment of two members of the Derspinna crew with your loved one on a lead for added safety.  Weather Permitting.

"Angelic Touches"
Pet Massage

  • The perfect solution for total relaxation and tension relief!  Also a soothing, therapeutic escape for older pets with problems of arthritis and pain.

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